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Kinetronics Mini StaticWisk Sensor Brush

Kinetronics Mini StaticWisk Sensor Brush
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Pris: Nkr.350,-
På lager: 2
Modell: KSSW010
Produsent: Kinetronics
Vurdering: Ikke vurdert

The Kinetronics StaticWisk has been designed to gently sweep dust specks off CCDs. It is also effective for cleaning SLR mirrors, lenses, optics and other ultra sensitive surfaces.

The SW-010 is made with anti-static fibers and a special conductive handle to dissipate static electric charges. Neutralizing these static charges releases clinging specks for easy removal.
Brush should be cleaned prior to each use by vacuuming or blowing out with a compressor. If needed, the brushes can be washed in baby shampoo and water without affecting performance.
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