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Kinetronics SpeckGRABBER Pro Cleaning Tool med lys - kit

Kinetronics SpeckGRABBER Pro Cleaning Tool med lys - kit
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Pris: Nkr.290,-
På lager: 2
Modell: SGL
Produsent: Kinetronics
Vurdering: Ikke vurdert

This product was created to make it easier to see and capture small specks of dust.

The SGL is used to clean CCDs, SLR mirrors, lenses, instruments, watches, telescopes, and microscopes. The handle of the SGL contains a small flashlight with a receptacle for inserting the SpeckGRABBER tip.

A small soft washable pad on the end of the Spec Grabber provides a high adhesion surface that sticks to contaminant particles with considerably more cohesive force than the contaminated surface.

When the Spec Grabber is put in contact with the particle, it adheres to the particle, while leaving no residue on the contacted surface.

Spec Grabber Light Handle
AAA Battery
3 x Spec Grabber tips and the supplies needed for cleaning the tips
One-ounce spray bottle of Precision Cleaning Solution and a 10" x 18" anti-static Panther Cloth.
Sturdy storage box.

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