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Photographic Solutions SENSOR SWAB PLUS TYPE 3 (4 PK)*

Photographic Solutions SENSOR SWAB PLUS TYPE 3 (4 PK)*
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Pris: Nkr.249,-
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Modell: PE3C
Produsent: Photogr. Solutions
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Sensor Swab Plus is designed for cleaning CCD/CMOS chips and other delicate or hard to reach optical and imaging surfaces. Clean room manufactured and sealed, these swabs are the ultimate in purity

Sensor Swab Plus is pre-moistened with Eclipse fluid. Click here to see which swab fluid you need for your camera.

Although these items are not officially approved by Nikon or Canon, several digital imaging site message boards have threads discussing the need for cleaning these cameras, and the success with using these products. Read all instructions first and call us if you have questions - before proceeding. When used as directed these products are easy to use and safe and yield excellent results!

Check this list for which Sensor Swab Plus you need to use with your camera. Sensor Swab Plus sizes and fluids are exactly the same specifications as traditional Sensor Swabs and Eclipse or E2 fluid.

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