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HonlPhoto Color Correction Filter (Gel) Kit

HonlPhoto Color Correction Filter (Gel) Kit
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Pris: Nkr.399,-
På lager: 3
Modell: HONL-Gel
Produsent: HonlPhoto
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Use Honl Color Correction filters to color correct your strobes for tungsten, fluorescent or cool daylight lighting environments. Use CTO filters to match your flash output to tungsten lights, or simply to give a pleasing warm tone to your portraits. Use Full + Green to match your flash output to fluorescent lights. These superior quality polyester lighting filters from Lee are pre-cut with velcro strips attached so they can be quickly fastened to a Speed Strap (sold separately).

Honl Filters can be used in conjunction with Honl Snoots, Gobos and Grids. The usable filter area is 2.5” x 4” (approx. 64mm x 102mm) and the filters can be trimmed to fit individual strobes.

Includes 2 each of 5 different colors for a total of 10 lighting filters: 1/2 CTB (2) Full CTO (2) 1/2 CTO (2) 1/4 CTO (2) Full+Green (2)

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